Sunday Service October 22, 2023

“Lydia, an Empowered Woman in Biblical Times”

We all come from strong, generous women who nurtured us. Often not heralded but quietly doing the work of raising, nurturing, and feeding the generations, we come from these women. Lydia, in the New Testament, was one of the few powerful women who is discussed in the text. She was a successful business woman who generously welcomed and supported the apostles in her own home. This was a daring act for an unmarried woman of the time. Strong-willed women of all generations who put love before convention have been vital in moving society forward to become more just and caring. Today, we celebrate their generosity.
Service Leader: Rev Dave Clements
Worship Associate: Meike Mandel
Music: Gage Purdy & the Choir
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: Project Avary.  Brings children of incarcerated parents together within the “Avary Family” Community. Within this container of deep trust and respect, children of incarcerated parents join together to heal, to grow strong, and to step into bright futures that are free from the painful cycles of incarceration.

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