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Service Auction

May 20th

UUCSR’s Annual Service Auction will be springing on us soon — May 20, 2023.

We need your donations and participation.

This year we will be jumping into the 21st century by taking our beloved Service Auction on-line! Services and gift items will be presented for bid online (more information soon) so the general public will be able to participate in this. Our UU Community offerings such as special dinners, game nights, personal services, etc. will be up for bidding in the traditional way at the UU. On May 20th we will come together to celebrate and bid while enjoying our Service Auction feast. See the attachments for donation suggestions and the donation offering form, along with contact information.
New This Year! There will be an Online Auction, see link below!
Let’s put some “Sparkle and Shine” into our long-awaited 2023 auction!
See More Information Here 
Learn How to Bid Online Here