Opportunities for Involvement

Welcome to UUCSR. We’re so glad you’ve found your way to us. Now what?

We invite you to Jump in! Get connected!

We promise…getting involved will make your presence here a more rewarding and transformative experience for you. Within this community, there are people who help in many varied ways—by supporting the structure of our organization, focusing their energy on healing the world, culturing the hearts and minds of our young, or sharing their nurturing spirit with other congregants. Depending on where your experience, talents, and interests lie, consider getting involved in one of the following areas of life here at UUCSR.

Note that this is not an all-inclusive list of UUCSR groups. As a member or pledging friend, you will be able to access additional information, which includes a complete list of groups, in our church management software called Realm. If you are registered on Realm you have at least three options:

  1. PC/Mac browser: log in, then in the sidebar click on Groups→Find groups.
  2. Smartphone Realm Connect: click on More→Groups→Find Groups
  3. Smartphone browser: log in, then bring down the menu from the three horizontal bars (hamburger) on the upper left, click on Groups→Find groups.

Note: Activities marked with an asterisk (*) will be available at such time as we are once again able to meet in person post-pandemic.

Youth Religious Education/Adult Education

Adult Education (AE) Committee

We have the enviable role of developing thought provoking and entertaining educational programs for the congregation. Topics cover a wide variety of subjects, including spiritual growth and practices, social justice, science, books, movies, and the arts. The AE committee recruits presenters, and helps organize, develop and publicize classes. We are grateful for members of the congregation who volunteer to teach and share their considerable experience, expertise, and knowledge. New members are always welcome. Contact: adultre@uusantarosa.org

Youth Religious Education

The YRE programs are divided by age group: Children ages 4 through 9, Tween Group ages 10 through 12, and the Youth Group for ages 13 through 18. YRE also periodically sponsors the Our Whole Lives program, which is a comprehensive sex education curriculum of the UUA.

Children’s Religious Education (RE) Steering Committee

The Religious Education Steering Committee is a group of friendly and welcoming folk who help support children, youth and families at UUCSR. They do this by meeting monthly with the Director of Religious Education to help plan events and programs that benefit our families, including the annual Family BBQ, intergenerational connections, volunteer recruitment for RE, multigenerational worship, parenting groups, and Parents Night Out. Contact: dre@uusantarosa.org

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Community Building

Neighborhood Groups

Get to know fellow UU’s who are your neighbors! Neighborhood Groups build community, connection, and support for all members and friends. The entire congregation is organized into 20 neighborhood groups of around 10 to 20 people who meet in one another’s’ homes for fellowship and fun. (During the coronavirus meetings are held by Zoom.) Everyone is automatically in a neighborhood group and newcomers are added to their appropriate group. Topics of discussion may be related to UUCSR or any other subject of the group’s choosing. Contact: neighborhoodgroups@uusantarosa.org

Older and Bolder Women’s Group

This is a support and discussion group for women congregants who are 80 and older. We meet (via Zoom at this time) at 10:30 on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Contact: not4sissies@uusantarosa.org

Men’s Support Groups

There are currently five separate UU Men’s Groups. Each group provides an opportunity for men to meet with other men and, as a group, explore man’s spirituality while offering social support in a safe and confidential atmosphere. All are welcome. Contact: menssupport@uusantarosa.org

Women’s Support Groups

Women’s Support Groups provide a way for women to share personal issues in small groups.  This is a safe space where members abide by a rule of confidentiality. All are welcome. Contact: womenssupport@uusantarosa.org

Saturday Saunters *

This group gathers for group hikes and activities throughout the year.  Look for our posts on the FOCUS list and in the Announcements. Contact:  fitness@uusantarosa.org

Women Together*

All UU women are members of Women Together and are invited to join in our activities.  The goal is to foster good relations among UUCSR women and to affirm their female identities.  Our activities include Elder Tales, Retreats, Movie Night, Parties and an annual 3-day retreat at a local camp.  Contact: womentogether@uusantarosa.org

Welcome Team*

As we welcome new people, it’s our pleasure to help them learn about us and find a spiritual home. You can support this fulfilling and important work by welcoming guests at the Visitors’ Table or greeting visitors and congregants at the door. Contact:  welcome@uusantarosa.org

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Common Interests Affinity Groups

Book Group

Our mission is to foster community and explore ideas within the context of discussing books that are of interest to the group members. Members alternate as discussion leaders. At our June meeting we have a potluck and select books for the following year. Meetings are online at this time. Contact: bookgroup@uusantarosa.org


The purpose of our meditation group is to cultivate inner peace and compassion. Contact: meditation@uusantarosa.org


Attention book lovers!  Join the UUCSR Library Committee. You can help keep the library a vibrant part of our UU culture.  Participate and staff the table once a month.  Get the inside track on new books as they come in!  Training is provided.  Contact: library@uusantarosa.org

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Social Justice Work

Social Justice work at UUCSR encompasses many groups, each with individual targeted goals. The umbrella group is called Advocates for Social Justice or A4SJ.Affiliated teams include the Adrienne Swenson Award team, the Climate Action Group, the Diversity Project, the Film Project, Share the Offering, Borders & Beyond, the North Bay Organizing Project, and Saturday Breakfast for Our Neighbors. More detail on each group’s goals can be found in Realm.

Advocates for Social Justice (A4SJ):

As the social action committee of UUCSR, this group’s mission is to apply UU principles to actions that create positive change in the local community and in the larger world.  Along with over twenty other local faith groups and advocacy organizations, we ae members of the North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP) and in this way, we amplify our UU principles in the public arena through action. Contact: A4SJ@uusantarosa.org

Saturday Breakfast for Our Neighbors

If you are deeply committed to helping people in need, the Saturday Breakfast Teams may be your cup of tea.  For over a decade, the teams have been providing large, healthy breakfasts each Saturday for our homeless friends and anyone who walks through our doors. This is a real labor of love and requires no special talents. During this pandemic time, bag lunches are prepared and handed out at the door. Contact: saturdaybreakfast@uusantarosa.org

A4SJ Diversity Project

The Mission of the Diversity Project is to offer programs, activities and communications to the UU Congregation, Santa Rosa that: • Celebrate UUCSR’s diversity, and educate its members and friends about the diverse experiences of all people; • Compassionately face and actively transform the unjust privilege and unjust marginalization that our society imposes on us; • Encourage changes of culture and behavior as necessary to realize the vision of a truly welcoming, diverse, and ever-growing UUCSR. Contact: diversity@uusantarosa.org

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Congregational Service

Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team consists of the Lay Chaplains and the Caring Connections Team.

The Lay Chaplains operate under the direction of the minister. We are here to listen to the important things going on in your life—your joys, your sorrows, the things for which we light our candles. We host regular Tea and Chat meetings via Zoom, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays and we manage the Milestones in the weekly services. We visit people in hospitals, talk with people on the phone and in person, help people deal with difficult situations, and put them in touch with resources they need to ease their lives. Contact: laychaplains@uusantarosa.org

Caring Connections strives to ensure that members of the congregation receive care in times of crisis and need.  We provide a confidential ministry of support and caring so that no member of our congregation feels alone.  We coordinate rides, meals, cards and calls.  We also have resources for end-of-life, elder care, and other health questions.  Contact: caringconnections@uusantarosa.org

Building Maintenance*

This team is responsible for the overall care of the building, along with legal and civil concerns related to our ownership. We always appreciate more volunteers for Saturday work days to maintain the building and grounds, held on the first Saturday of each month.

Flower Committee*

The Flower Committee is an enjoyable outlet for your creative self.  No experience is necessary; nor is a large garden.  The demands are low; you spend about 2 hours on a Saturday approximately once a month creating arrangements with a partner.  There also are 3 other short meetings a year and a potluck. Donations and volunteers are always welcome. Non-members welcome! Contact: flowers@uusantarosa.org

Office Volunteers aka Office Angels

Office volunteers are UUCSR members who assist the Administrator by performing office duties such as answering the telephone and helping the administrator with daily tasks.  Each volunteer does a 4-hour shift in the morning or afternoon.  Contact: administrator@uusantarosa.org

Membership Committee

We welcome visitors and newcomers into the life of the community by offering information and guiding them on the Path to Membership if they desire. We sponsor new member orientation classes, social introductions, and formal induction into the congregation at a special service. One of our goals is to present opportunities for newcomers to get involved at UUCSR. Contact: membership@uusantarosa.org

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Spiritual Life

Soul Matters

This is a small group ministry program in which groups of 8-10 people meet monthly for connection and discussion of assigned topics. The sessions utilize materials provided by a network of UU congregations. Their packets are designed to lead you into reflection on your relationship to themes such as Renewal, Deep Listening, Healing, Stillness, Imagination. All are welcome. Groups are meeting online during the pandemic. To find out about joining a group, contact: ktrieller@icloud.com

Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS)*

The goal of our CUUPS chapter is to celebrate our 7th principle and expand public awareness of Pagan values in our community through education and celebration. Pagans are people who follow a nature-based religion and are in tune with her cycles. This group meets monthly and all are welcome.* Contact: cuups@uusantarosa.org

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In a post-pandemic world, the choir will again sing in most of the Sunday services. Styles of music vary according to the themes of services. The choir traditionally rehearses Thursday nights from 7 to 8:30. If you are interested in joining, contact choir@uusantarosa.org

Music Coordinators (MC)

Each service has an MC who works closely with the minister and the Worship Associate in choosing and coordinating music for Sunday services. The MC generally suggests pieces that blend with the theme of the service and arranges for the performers. If it is a service where the Choir is singing, the MC coordinates with the Music Director. Contact: musiccoordinators@uusantarosa.org

Audio Crew*

This crew is trained to run the soundboard, provide hearing assistive equipment during worship, and record the worship services and other events.

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UUCSR Website and Realm congregation directory—uusantarosa.org is the website and members and pledging friends can access the online directory after logging in. Contact the administrator (administrator@uusantarosa.org) for assistance.

UU newsletter—emailed to all UUCSR members and friends monthly. Contact the administrator (administrator@uusantarosa.org) if you are not receiving it.

Focus list—email distribution list open to all members and friends to update others on happenings at UUCSR or to comment on church business. Contact the administrator (administrator@uusantarosa.org).

Unitarian Universalist Association (UU headquarters in Boston): website—UUA.org

UUA magazine—Uuworld.org

Dictionary of Unitarian & Universalist Biographies—Uudb.org

Resources for Black Lives of Unitarian Universalists—blacklivesUU.org

Library of UU biographies, history, books, and media—HarvardSquareLibrary.org

Committee on Shared Ministry

We are charged with ensuring the health of the congregation by encouraging communication within the congregation and providing conflict resolution when needed, as well as supporting the minister. If you have a comment or issue you’d like to discuss with us, email cosm@uusantarosa.org.

Denominational Affairs

We keep the congregation informed about events and trends in the wider Unitarian Universalist community across the country and the globe. We encourage UUCSR members to get involved at the district and national levels, to help support and sustain liberal religion.

Endowment Committee

We are responsible for assisting members in their planned giving to the congregation’s endowment fund, and for overseeing and maintaining the endowment. The Legacy Circle aims to be inclusive. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Whether the amount of money turns out to be small or large, it is a tangible expression of your social values and your trust in the future of this congregation. Contact: endowment@uusantarosa.org

Sustaining Pledge Committee

We track and maintain pledges from members and pledging friends of the congregation. Contact sustainingpledge@uusantarosa.org

Nominating Committee

We are a consulting committee of the Board of Trustees, tasked with identifying emerging leaders in the congregation and offering candidates for the elected positions.

Operations Team

We are responsible for the day-to-day logistical operations of the congregation, this group comprises representatives from Finance, Building & Maintenance, Communications, Interior Space and the office volunteers. We coordinate the “Officer of the Day” at services on Sundays

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