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 Fundraiser Application              Fundraiser Volunteer Instructions 

     The Fundraising Advisory Committee (FAC) exists to help members and friends of UUCSR put on fundraising events that benefit the congregation. This committee focuses on facilitating in-house fundraisers as opposed to the the Glaser Center Committee, which focuses on rentals only. This distinction is made because of the tax regulations that govern non-profit vs. for-profit events.

     The FAC is charged with

  • determining whether proposed plans are viable,
  • making sure our fundraisers are spaced out to prevent “fundraising fatigue” in the congregation,
  • formulating guidelines to ensure the success of the event,
  • and providing certain resources such as tickets and concessions.

     We have developed an application form that should be filled out as the first step. It explains what is involved in scheduling a fundraiser and what assistance you can expect from the FAC and from the office. The most important aspect for anyone to know is that a fundraiser must have a UUCSR champion or organizer who will produce the event and that the proceeds must support UUCSR’s mission and goals. As such, the event can make use of the sanctuary space.

 If you have a fundraising idea you wish to pursue, contact one of the committee: Dee Ray ( or Kirsten Olney, (