Publication Policy

We all benefit from your generous contributions to our public communications. Thank you! We encourage you to keep on sharing news, photos, and the many other items that keep our community so lively.

Please be sure you fully understand the following policy, so that every member of our community can be comfortable in knowing that their — and your — individual preferences will continue to be honored. For questions and clarifications, please contact the minister or board president.


UUCSR needs a publication policy and guidelines to:

  • Ensure that our readership — visitors and members alike — gain the information they need to feel welcomed, know what’s going on, and learn how to participate.
  • Facilitate prompt distribution of public communications.
  • Inform our congregation about how personal information will be used and how they can manage their personal information.

Publication Policy

This policy applies to all publicly-accessible communications — i.e. order of service, flyers, posters, ads, newsletters, websites, publicly accessible email lists, etc. — which represent the congregation or its resources.

  1. The address, phone number, and email for our congregational office and work contact information for our staff may be published.
  2. A minor’s name, likeness, or other identifying information (e.g. age, birth date, contact info, etc.) cannot be accepted for publication except by either the expressed permission of a parent or guardian or else by the implied permission of the parent/guardian’s own submission for publication.
  3. Adults (e.g. member, friend, visitor, etc.) may be mentioned by name. An adult’s likeness, contact info (e.g. address, phone number, email, etc.), or personal health information cannot be accepted for publication except by their expressed permission or else by the implied permission of their own submission for publication.
  4. Anonymous submissions cannot be accepted for publication.
  5. We comply with applicable laws, including copyright. Use of a photograph requires either the expressed or implied consent (see above) of the photographer as well as the individuals depicted.
  6. The name of a photograph’s copyright holder may be published with, and/or embedded within the image for acknowledgement and reference.
  7. Submissions to one public communication should be suitable to share through any of our public communications unless the submitter specifies otherwise.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees, October 12, 2007


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