Lending Library

UUCSR Lending Library Database

The UUCSR Lending Library Database is a view-only spreadsheet that lists the holdings of the three different libraries within UUCSR. These libraries are: the Social Hall Library which is located in the front corner of the Social Hall on Sunday mornings; the A4SJ Library, located upstairs.

The Social Hall Library is available on Sunday mornings between 9:00-12:30 pm, (the librarian most likely won’t be available during services). The Social Hall librarian can guide people to the upstairs Library area. Books can be checked out for one month and returned Sunday mornings or during the week in the front office during office hours.

UUCSR Lending Library spreadsheet

A few words about how the Library Database is set up:

All books are listed alphabetically by title (excluding beginning words like A, The, etc.). Information for each title includes: title, author, subject, location and number of copies.  There are some titles that have been strikethrough because they have been removed from a library or they are missing.  The Social Hall Library is a fluid library. Its space is very limited. If a book has not been checked out in six months, it is removed from the library to make room for new books.

To search for a title alphabetically, you can scroll down through the database. You’ll notice that some titles are very long and you can’t see the complete title listed. However, if you click on the title, you will be able to see it in it’s entirety in the fx line right below the toolbar.

To search the entries, press Ctrl-F then use the “Find on Page” window near the top left of this web page. Using this function, you can type in the title, author or subject. The result will be highlighted. If there is more than one item in the results, it will highlight the first item. To move between items, click on the up or down arrows beside the search term.

Under Location, you will see a few different abbreviations.

            SH=the Social Hall Library

            RR=the A4SJ Library, located upstairs