Saturday Breakfast For Our Neighbors Merit Award

Our volunteers prepare a protein-rich, breakfast for anyone in need every Saturday morning at 7 AM.  There are usually 125-200 guests.  Scrambled eggs, potatoes, waffles, quesadillas, breads, oatmeal, cold cereal, juice and coffee are served in a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere. This is one of UUCSR’s most visible and rich community activities. About 75 volunteers each contribute about 2-4 hours/month (or more), and our guests are very grateful.

This year, we have been recognized by the City of Santa Rosa for this service to “people who are experiencing homelessness.”  John Ray, surely one of the people making a difference in our community, received this award from Santa Rosa Mayer Chris Coursey.  John is the Director of UUCSR’s Saturday Morning Breakfast.










Thank you John, and all your volunteers, for outstanding community service!