Sunday Service August 14, 2022

“Jazz, The Music of Celebration: UUCSR’s Annual Jazz Service.”

In a jazz group, as in our community at UUCSR, certain roles need to be filled. Someone has to play the melody, someone has to keep time, someone has to suggest the harmonic context. Playing in a jazz group involves both responsibility and freedom; freedom consists of understanding your responsibility well enough to act independently and still make the needed contribution to the group. We are embarking on a journey together may it be one of celebration, one of learning and one of commitment. I invite you to join me as we begin our journey of celebration.

*Short Congregational Meeting to Follow. Please plan to attend, we especially need voting members present in person or zoom*

Service Leader: Rev. Dave Clements, UUCSR’s new Interim Minister
Worship Associate: Mark Sowers
Music: John Ray, Gage Purdy, Roger Corman
Religious Education: Era Capone. Please email Era if you have a young one wanting to join in the future.
Milestones: If you have any milestones you’d like to share with the congregation, please send them by Friday evening.
Share the Basket: Positive Images (PI) is an LGBTQIA+ Community Center that provides support to Sonoma County’s LGBTQIA+ population, with an emphasis on identities and individuals at the margins.
To Donate to Share the Basket: Use the GIVE NOW button here, on UUCSR’s website


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