Serving The Community

Serving the Community



As the social action committee of UUCSR, this group’s mission is to apply UU principles to actions that create positive change in the local community and in the larger world.  To join, simply attend.  This group meets the second Wednesday noon to 2pm, usually in the RE Youth Room. 
Contact: Linda Harlow

DIVERSITY WORKING GROUP of the Advocates for Social Justice

The group helps the congregation understand how racism and classism affects all of us. It seeks ways for changing how we view and treat others through workshops, speakers and films themed on living in a multicultural world.



Friday Family Fun Night takes place at Catholic Charities, 465 A St. As our covenant states: we are “caring for one another and helping build a better world.” Adults play bingo, while children create with playdough, tell stories, make art creations, outdoor play and much more. Contacts: Debbie Carter-Hope and Rebecca Montgomery




If homelessness is an issue close to your heart, please join us in working to expand our services to our homeless neighbors. We are exploring different ideas and ways to implement them. A couple of possibilities during the winter are to offer emergency shelter or to be a warming center. Please contact Sara Jones for more information.



If you are truly committed to UU principles, the Saturday Breakfast Teams may be your cup of tea. The teams provide large, healthy breakfasts for our homeless friends and anyone who walks through our doors. This is a real labor of love and requires no special talents. Contact Gretchen Vap



The UU Conversation and Action network is our connection to the North Bay Organizing Project. Along with over twenty other local faith groups and advocacy organizations we amplify our UU principles in the public arena through action.  Meetings of UUCAN and NBOP are publicized on the Focus list, newsletter and Order of Service.   Contact: Carol Kraemer