January 5, 2020


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This month’s theme of Integrity invites us to ask ourselves if we are doing our best to be honest and authentic. What are the benefits and risks of living an honest, authentic life? And how do we know if we have one?

Service Leaders: Rev. Bonnie Dlott, Linda Lampson Music by: Susan Panttaja & Friends, Roger Corman Share the Basket: MLK Birthday Celebration

Rev. Bonnie Dlott is a native of the Bay Area who served the Napa congregation for eleven years, retiring in 2017 for health reasons. Before being called to the ministry she earned a doctorate in Biological Chemistry. She identifies as a nature mystic, finding the sacred in the natural world and in acts of kindness. She is a wife and mother of two adult children, and will serve as UUCSR’s Sabbatical Minister from February through May.