TIE (Together In Exploration) Groups

What is the T.I.E. program?

T.I.E. stands for Together In Exploration, and is our congregation’s Small Group Ministry program.

Each T.I.E. group consists of six to eight members or friends and two trained facilitators who meet together twice a month on a regular schedule to discuss, learn, and reflect on our lives and our spiritual paths. The fundamental goal of T.I.E. groups is to strengthen our personal connections and sense of community with each other, the congregation, and the larger community.

In T.I.E. groups we commit to make a positive difference in the group, participate within a specific format, and attend regular meetings.

We also commit to completing a group service project for the congregation or the larger community. Such service projects might include providing breakfast before a congregational meeting or volunteering at a local women and children’s shelter’s Family Fun Night.

How do the groups work?

Each group meets twice a month for two hours each session, such as 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 7-9PM. Most meetings are held at UUCSR but some are held in a member’s home. Each year we have some daytime groups and some evening groups.

Each session follows a T.I.E. format:

  • Welcoming:  Lighting a chalice and opening words
  • Sharing:  Each member has a chance to speak to what is upper-most in his/her mind that day
  • Topic:  Facilitators introduce the topic of the day, and each person contributes ideas and experiences
  • Closing: The session closes with a reading

What kind of topics are covered?

The topics are content areas that are important to UUs, our values, our approaches to spirituality, personal growth, and social action. The manner in which these are addressed are determined by the facilitators and the group members.

How do I join a T.I.E. group?

Sign-ups occur the last two Sundays in  September and the groups start in October.  Look for the table with the T.I.E. signs  in the hallway outside the Sanctuary on those days.

How can I get more information?

Send your questions to  <tie@uusantarosa.org> .