Advocate for Civil Rights

Our efforts in the arena of gay civil rights include:

    Being a Welcoming Congregation, in which all people regardless of sexual orientation are invited to share their gifts and join us in the search for truth and meaning
    Participating in countless local gay pride events
    Supporting marriage equality legislation, and opposing regressive measures such as Proposition 8
    Opposing discrimination in housing, employment and any other place it occurs
    Our minister also performs weddings for members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (GLBT) community.

More than 200 UUCSR members crowded in front of the church on October 26th to support marriage equality with signs and banners urging ‘No on Proposition 8: Unfair and Wrong’.

As the intensity of scapegoating minority communities increases, we are working to develop a Civilian Review Board of Law Enforcement actions, and to become a County of Refuge for immigrants being victimized by local and national government agencies.

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