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ICYMI: The largest Student News from September
Your memories of the biggest student news you missed in September …
You can go back to school without work, but it’s time of year, too.
Students and teachers received all kinds of news bulletins, protests, protests and social media this month. Here’s your brief guide on some of the student news that went down …
The professor accidentally plays porn in front of his class.
Do you know this super-confusing moment from your past that randomly spills into your mind at night? You can feel a little better about yourself, because it’s probably worse …
As soon as the morning lecture began, this professor of psychology at UTWS shared his screen with a class of 500.
We are not actually going to post a video with the FLNKS about the event in question here. Just trust us, it’s the way you think it’s …
Some argued that it was a trick as part of his class, but in the absence of any official statement, we just have to ask ourselves what really happened …
Ontario students go to the Protest.
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Even if you’re not in Ontario, you probably heard that the Conservative government was really stupid to turn the clock on sex. To be specific, they reimplement the curriculum for the last time in 1998!
It’s under the guise of parents, but isn’t it supposed to be as important as the sex in which the students were first placed? They must understand that not talking about sex means that no one will ever have this. Because we all know how well this works …
Whether these students are going to be mad at removing such topics as social networks, consent and sexting, or they just wanted to get out of class, they still earned the reprieve for being able to withstand …
Western’s Fake Homecoming Gets Wild.
Now for another kind of protest. The UVO students did not feel that their administration had decided to push back to the house closer to the semitherms in an uncunnay attempt to rein in the parry. Their decision?
While the police began to try to control a massive street parrot in Burrowdale, they were quickly stunned. The massacre was more than 20,000, leaving dozens of students going to the hospital and hundreds of fines were passed …
The residents were angry that their taxes had to be paid for all the additional police officers, the school was angry that they were still under control, and the students were angry that their home position was entangled in the first place …
Regardless of how you treat this type of parissing in universities, it is clear that the more school tries to push this issue, the harder the students will be against it. It seems that they will have to try a new solution next year or face an even bigger FCo ..
Secondary schools in Toronto, United Nations Social Networks.
The school board found that more than 20% of their daily WiFi are used exclusively in Snapchat, Instagram and Netflix. The Internet is so bad that it was difficult for him to even complete his assignments …
The solution was to modernize the network and temporarily ban sites (even for teachers and official accounts) until the update was completed. Of course, this short project took much longer than expected. Now the new network means more bandwidth for everyone, so that social networks can return to the menu ..
People are really looking at Netflix in class, right?
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