Sunday Service October 29, 2023

“Making the Intangible Tangible: Our Ancestors as Our Heritage”

CUUPS – Service Ancestors service. For many years UUCSR has held space at the end of October for our Ancestors’ Ceremony. Please join us as we gather again this year to honor those who have left us this last year and those who were so close to our hearts that we still feel their loss every day. You are invited to bring a photo or memento to place on the altar that we will build during the service. Let us honor them during this cycle of the year that calls us to slow down and hear our Loved One’s presence.
Service Leader/Guest: CUUPs
Worship Associate: Richard J. Senghas
Music: John Ray
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: North Bay Jobs with Justice, a grassroots coalition of over 30 labor and community organizations, builds people-power toward economic, racial, and climate justice.

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