Service Leaders: Rev. Chris Bell, Roger Corman, Deborah Mason
Music by: Susan Panttaja & The UUsual Suspects, Tessa McClary
Share the Basket: Verity of Sonoma County
(Bridging Ceremony for graduating Youth Group members at 11:00.)
We begin our series on the Seven Virtues with courage. The Unitarian Universalist Association is currently wracked with turmoil over racial inequalities in hiring and leadership. Some folks are facing this courageously, others less so. Whether at the national level, here at UUCSR, or in our hearts and minds it takes courage to dismantle racist structures and habits, and to move together toward the truly equal and respectful multi-racial community that the Spirit of Love longs for us to create.
Today we also welcome our graduating seniors into the community of adult members with a Bridging Ceremony at the 11:00 service.

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