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Advocates for Social Justice

Letitia Hanke is the CEO of the Lime Foundation and also a female roofing business contractor in Sonoma County. Letitia launched the Lime Foundation with the objective of functioning as passionate and energetic advocates for the disadvantaged in the community. The program has a three-fold mission: (1) support a vocational training/construction apprenticeship program to prepare people in disadvantaged communities for fulfilling careers while at the same time providing important services for people who couldn’t afford home repairs, (2) supporting musical education and the arts to help a school child explore music in an educational setting either in or after school. This is a great alternative to substance abuse and other pitfalls that can come before youth. Mentoring/tutoring is provided; (3) provides programs for the elderly in an effort to address America’s obesity epidemic through light exercise and healthy eating. Letitia spoke to us in February of last year about the launch of this program. The program is up and running and she has just received a community award based on the success of the program. Come and hear the details of what has been accomplished here in Sonoma County through the Lime Foundation.


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