Hot Topic: Citizens’ Climate Lobby Meets Hot Topics

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Citizens’ Climate Lobby Meets Hot Topics

Come and hear from representatives that are working locally for a solution to climate change worldwide. 

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), exists to create the political will for climate solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power. 

By building constructive, working local relationships with all members of Congress, we seek passage of Carbon, Fee and Dividend, a climate change solution that bridges the partisan divide. 

Carbon Fee and Dividend, a revenue-neutral carbon tax with 100% of the net revenue returned directly to households, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions 52% below 1990 levels within 20 years while growing the economy and saving lives. 

Hear about our growth and activities and see where you could fit into an organization that is successfully building Bi-partisan support for a viable solution to climate change in our country. 

Alan Proulx, a long-time member of UUCSR says: “I have looked at all the current solutions that could work in this political climate to produce real sustained reduction in greenhouse gas emissions quickly, while benefiting all U.S. households. This will really work.” 

Additional CCL speakers:  Bruce Hagen and Barbara Moulton. 

Come and see how this works. 

Sunday, March 13th, 12:45 pm in The UUCSR Board Room

Spring Forward. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead the night before. This is the first day of Daylight Savings Time!! 

NEW: Bring what you would like to eat – we provide LIGHT snacks, NOT lunch.


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