Choir sings “The Gift of Music” by John Rutter

“Transcendence” is June’s theme, something beyond the normal, physical experience of being.  What can facilitate such transcendence?

A rare gift of music!.  The choir will perform this soul-stirring piece from the pen of John Rutter.  Set in a gently lilting tempo, it will make your heart soar. 

If you could have any gift, any treasure
Taste any pleasure, then what would it be?
Search the wide world high and low for an answer
Over the mountains and down to the sea
Would you wish for youth and beauty, or wealth to make a show?
Or power and position and strength? Oh no…
For you youth it will vanish, and beauty will fade
And your wealth and position are all just a passing parade
May your soul have the gift of music, may your heart be inspired with song
May the echoes remain in your memory, like a friendship that last your whole life long
When your joy is the joy of music, all the magical sounds you hear
Everyday that you spend with music
Is the best day, the best new day of the year

The piece was written in 2007 and dedicated to Elizabeth Goodey for her 80th birthday.  Elizabeth was the wife of a special friend of Rutter, Frank Goodey, who walked on in 2005.  They were a musical couple who blessed the residents of County Cork, Ireland, with their talent for many years.

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