Choir sings and dances Maori tune Tama Tu

The Maori people came to New Zealand from Polynesia in canoes a long time ago.  There they developed the art of chanting, singing, and dancing.  They called it poi, after a small swinging, bobbing ball on a string.  Sunday, the 23rd of September, the choir will perform Tama Tu, a Maori proverb set to music.  It starts off with chanting in the native Maori language, continues with song, briefly switches to English, and circles back again.  It’s not a song you will find it easy to sit still for.  In fact the Maori words:

Tama tu, tama ora; tama no-oh, tama mah-tay kai.
Kukuti.  Poata ra-u.  Puoro!  Kani kani!


The one who stands, lives; the one who sits, suffers.
Gather together.  Now is the time.  Sing!  Dance!

It may be hard for some to sing or dance in body, but everyone can make a joyful noise and “pew dance”!

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