Choir performs “Song of Kabir”

15th century Indian poet and mystic, Kabir, wrote many poems.  In 1915, 100 of these poems were translated into English and published in a book titled Songs of Kabir.  A hundred years later, in 2014, Elizabeth Alexander took one of these poems and set it to music.  The choir will perform this challenging piece, with its close harmonies and mysterious progressions, on Sunday, March 10th.

You are in us and we are in You.
Each distinct, yet ever united.
You are the tree, the seed, and the cell;
You are the flower, the fruit, and the shade…
You are the immanent Mind in us;
You are the Soul Supreme within the Soul.
You are in us and we are in You,
Blessed are all who see You.

The theme of the month is Truth.  Truth is sometimes elusive.  Truth sometimes stares you in the face.  Truth can be painful, liberating, enlightening, mysterious.  Truth is Life.  Truth is Death.  Truth presents Itself here as Supreme Being.  Blessed are those who see Truth.

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