Choir Performs “Dank sei Dir, Herr”

An aspect of Gratitude explores to whom thanks should be given.  One can thank one’s lucky stars.  One can thank one’s parents and caretakers.  One can thank “all the little people”.  One can thank God. 

G F Handel is widely believed to have composed the aria “Dank sei Dir, Herr”, though some insist that the composer and lyricist was one named Siegfried Ochs.  Regardless, the choir will perform, in German, a choral arrangement of this piece, which spotlights a soprano soloist. 

Dank sei Dir, Herr.
Du hast Dein Volk mit Dir gefuhrt,
Israel hindurch das Meer.

Thanks be to you, Lord.
You have led your people, Israel,
with you through the sea.

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