Choir addresses Rights of Children

“I Have a Voice” was written by Frank Wildhorn and Robin Lerner.  It is a song that inspires rising above bullying, a powerful anthem for any kid who has felt alone and unsafe at school.  The profits this song earns go to No Bully (, a non-profit organization that trains schools to promote student compassion in order to stop bullying.

Educators, psychologists and lawyers helped No Bully develop a non-punitive “No Bully System”, committed to preventing students from experiencing and enduring all forms of bullying.  They have created bully-free campuses for over 100,000 students.

I have a voice, simple and clear.
It speaks the truth, for all to hear.
It gives me hope, it gives me faith,
It lifts me up, it keeps me safe.
I have a voice, it’s mine alone.
It comforts me, it is my own.
Although it’s small, I’m not afraid,
For I am strong in its embrace.
No one can say what I have seen,
Or understand where I have been,
For what I found inside myself,
Belongs to me and no one else.
If I were blind and had no eyes to see,
Still I would hear that voice inside of me.
I wish that you,
I wish that you
Could hear it too

The month of April has the theme of Salvation and Wholeness.  Sunday, April 14th’s topic is The Rights of Children, and the Choir will perform this piece.  What is more important than the right to safety for a child? 

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