Quick Guide to Online Giving

How to Give from your Realm Profile

It’s super easy to set up and manage your giving in Realm.

  1. Set up new one-time or recurring giving, using the Give form

    • Click on “Give Now” (on this page)
    • Enter an amount*
    • Default fund is “Sustaining Pledges” (or select another fund)
    • Select the frequency (one-time or recurring)
    • Set a start date
    • To give to multiple funds at the same frequency, click “+ Another Fund”
    • Click “Continue” – enter bank or credit card information (if this is your first time)
    • Click “Give”.  You will receive an email confirmation.

(*If you’re paying your pledge by recurring installments (e.g. monthly), make sure the amount entered is the amount of each payment, not your total annual pledge.)

  1. Increase or make changes to the giving you’ve already scheduled

    • Click on “Realm Login” on this page
    • Once in Realm, click on your name at top right, then click “My Profile”
    • At left, click on the “Giving” tab
    • Then click “Scheduled”
    • Click the three dots to the right of each gift/fund
    • Click “Edit”
    • Type in a new amount and/or frequency.  (Note, changes will apply to all future occurrences of a recurring gift.)
    • Click “Continue”, then “Give”.  You will receive an email confirmation.

Questions?  Call the office at (707) 568-5381, or contact the Sustaining Pledge Team at sustainingpledge@uusantarosa.org

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