The Choir Is Back At Ingathering

Two major things are slated to happen next Sunday, September 15: 1) we return to the two-services schedule at 9:15 and 11:00 am, and 2) the choir returns to our 2-Sundays-a-month schedule.  Next Sunday is “Ingathering”, a word that itself has two meanings: 1) a gathering of persons, an assembly, and 2) a gathering of farm products, a harvest.  Both are appropriate for mid-September.

The Choir has been rehearsing “Love Is The Water” by Pat Wictor, a singer-songwriter born in Venezuela of American parents in 1966.  Introduced to history, poetry and the arts by his mother, Pat spent his early years in countries all over the globe due to his father’s career in private industry.  He first came to America as a teenager and settled in California.  He wrote this song in 2011, and performed it with the trio Brother Sun for the album Waiting for the Water.

The river washes over every woman and man
Feet in the gravel, and mud in your hands
Nothing can stand against love’s command
Every boulder turns into a grain of sand
Love is the water that wears down the rock
Love is the water that wears down the rock
Love is the power that won’t be stopped
Love is the water that wears down the rock

The repetitive chorus usually encourages people to sing along.  Please feel free to do so if the Spirit moves.

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