Sunday Service December 4, 2022


“It’s A Wonder


A few days ago a friend of mine encouraged me to look at John O’Donoghue’s book, To Bless This Space Between Us. I looked through the book and came to the last section which is called, To Retrieve the Lost Art of Blessing. It reminded me that for many of us we have lost the art of blessing, not just as grace before a meal but the art of blessing every aspect of the day and of what we do. Today the phrase, “Each new day is a path of wonder” caught my attention and I have been thinking about the journey that each day takes us on. No day stands still; each one moves through different territory, awakening new beginnings.
Service Leader: Rev. Dave Clements
Worship Associate: Richard J. Senghas
Music: Gage & Crystal & Roger Corman
Share the Basket: Saturday Breakfast with Our Neighbors 
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