Sunday Service November 12, 2023

Dan O’Neal’s Sermon “Advanced Case of Life”

In a sense, we all have a terminal diagnosis from the moment we’re born. But most of us humans deny death through most of our lives. Yet, if we’re lucky, we’ll be able to experience the reality of approaching death as a great teacher that paradoxically enhances and illuminates our life.
Service Leaders/Guest: Ben Ford
Worship Associate: Susan Thollaug
Music: Gage Purdy & The Choir
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share The Basket: Disability Services & Legal Center (DSLC) has served as Sonoma County’s Independent Living Center since 1976, in Napa, Lake and Mendocino Counties. DSLC aims to advance the rights of people with disabilities and aging adults to equal justice, access, opportunity, and participation in our communities

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