Sunday Service June 12, 2022

Celebrating Blessings:
“The Gifts of Age: Perspectives from the Far Side of 80”
Today’s worship service will be led by Older and Bolder, a UUCSR friendship group for women who have passed their 80th birthday. Four Reflections will offer gifts of looking back at lives well lived, filled with a richness of experience unusual in an era when many women’s horizons were more circumscribed. Themes emerge of resilience, a passion for justice, resourcefulness, a love of adventure, gratitude, and nurturance of the children who will inherit the earth.
Service Leader: Older and Bolder Group
Worship Associate: Clare Whitfield
Music: Gage Purdy & Louise Bettner on Piano
Religious Education: Era Capone. *RE is on break for June* Please email Era if you have a young one wanting to join in the future.
Milestones: If you have any milestones you’d like to share with the congregation, please send them by Friday evening.
Share the Basket: Amor para Todos: Amor Para Todos collaborates with local school districts to cultivate more gender and LGBTQIA+ affirming environments for our youth. Click for more info: HERE and Video: HERE
To Donate to Share the Basket: Use the GIVE NOW button here, on UUCSR’s website, or use the QR code at the bottom of this email.


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