Sunday Service July 31, 2022

“An Insider’s View of Ministry. Rev. Dan O’Neal’s sermon”

An Insider’s View of Ministry. Rev. Dan O’Neal’s sermon “Will Preach for Money: An Insider’s Thoughts on the Ministry” Dan O’Neal was our first called minister. He served from 1986 to 1996. Today’s service features a message he presented as he looked forward to his 9th year as our minister. In it he examines the multitudinous roles a minister is asked to take on. 

CUUPS Lammas Bread Offering in the social hall after the service.

Service Leader: Lucia Milburn
Worship Associate: Linda Lampson
Music: Sally Jones & Paul Gilger
Religious Education: Era Capone. Please email Era if you have a young one wanting to join in the future.
Milestones: If you have any milestones you’d like to share with the congregation, please send them by Friday evening.
Share the Basket: CARA – California Alliance for Retired Americans
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