Sunday Service January 8, 2023


“Reflection, Release, Renewal: Our Annual Milestones Service”

Here it is again, the turn of the year – an ending and a beginning. It’s time to pause, catch your breath, reflect on the last year and get ready to begin again. In this contemplative service we will take some time to remember our own experiences of the last year, the milestones along the way. As we set our course for the new year ahead, we will use ritual, song and poetry to come back to ourselves, to our spiritual practice, to our center, to the ground of our being so we can discover how we can be of benefit in the world.
Service Leader: Lay Chaplains
Worship Associate: Judy Withee
Music: Gage Purdy
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: The Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration
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