Sunday Service February 26, 2023


“Love and the 8th Principle”

To love is a verb. It means answering needs with acts of support and caring, even when we don’t feel like it. It means growing up and showing up. As a community, now is the time to actively speak up against racism. If we don’t, it leaves a question in some people’s hearts: Do you care about me?
By adopting the 8th principle, we explicitly stand up against systems of oppression. We show that we whole-heartedly welcome people of all colors and backgrounds, and actively dismantle racism.
Service Leaders: Rev. Dave Clements
Worship Associate: Meike Mandel
Music: Gage Purdy & The Choir
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: Sonoma County Acts of Kindness provides basic necessities, resources and advocacy to enrich the well-being of the homeless and financially underprivileged in our community.
To Donate to Share the Basket: Use the GIVE NOW button, on UUCSR’s website 


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