Hot Topic: The Lime Foundation

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The Lime Foundation devotes its energy to passionately advocating for the disadvantaged.  Their mission is to strengthen veterans, seniors, low income families and young people and give them the tools to build a better quality of life.  What they do:  (1) support a vocational training/construction apprenticeship program and provide free construction services to low-income families and the elderly.  This creates a double benefit for the community  – helps prepare people in disadvantaged communities for fulfilling careers while at the same time providing important services to people who could not otherwise afford them.   (2) run programs for the elderly in an effort to address America’s obesity epidemic through light exercise (dance, bowling, hiking) and healthy eating.  (3) bring positive, structured activities to disadvantaged youth, giving them the opportunity to learn technology  or play a musical instrument – great alternatives to substance abuse, truancy, exclusion.  Uses music and dance as a positive means of expression.  Features am activity center and a summer and after school mentoring and tutoring program.

Come and hear the Executive Director and founder of the Lime Foundation, Letitia Hanke, as she describes in detail the services this Foundation offers.

NEW: Bring what you would like to eat – we provide LIGHT snacks, NOT lunch.


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