Choir sings “Turn! Turn! Turn!”

Sunday, February 10, the Choir will perform a piece requested by Worship Associate Sharon McCarty.  In her words:

Recently Joe and I attended a John McCutcheon concert, where he featured his favorite Pete Seeger songs.  When he sang “Turn, Turn, Turn”, I got teary.  Thematically this was the perfect song for the February 10th service, which I have been planning with our guest minister, and speaks to my life these days!  Plus it is based on a portion of the Bible’s book of Ecclesiastes, which was one of the readings at our wedding all those years ago.  A fortuitous combination, so I had to ask if the choir might sing it.

The Choir enthusiastically approved and we’re ready to present the song this Sunday.

To everything… turn, turn, turn…
There is a season… turn, turn, turn…
And a time for ev’ry purpose under heaven.

                             –Ecclesiastes 3.1-8


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