Blessed Are The Humble

Service Leaders: Balazs Scholar Rev. László Major, David Hope
Special Music by: The Choir
Basket Shared with: Breakfast For Our Neighbors
Humility matters. At the core of our experience of life, a central quality of being. Humility may be for a Unitarian, what enlightenment is for a Buddhist, realization is for a Hindu, sincerity is for a Confucian, righteousness is for a Jew, surrender is for a Muslim, and annihilation is for a Sufi. Humility is what others see of our purity of heart.
Since graduating in 2011 from the Protestant Theological Institute in Kolozsvár, Romania, Rev. Major has served as minister in the predominantly Unitarian village of Datk. In four years, he initiated a church choir, a women`s association, summer camp for children, cultural events, and social gatherings. They are renovating their community house to make more room! This year he wants to study pastoral care for families and the relationship between illness/health and faith with the hope of putting this into practice in congregational life.

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